• The CYSO is a nonprofit organization offering professionaly directed orchestral experience to school-age musicians.
  • Major funding is provided by businesses, foundations, government, and parents.
Annual Costs of CYSO Membership
 2016-17 Tuition (per musician)  $550.00
 Community Support Deposit (per family, see below)  $125.00
T-Shirt Designed by our Graphic Artist $20
All CYSO MEN are required to buy a CYSO tie $22
SYMPHONY WOMEN are required to buy a CYSO camisole $22
CYSO fundraiser: CYSO families must either sell at least 5 unites of cookie dough/frozen items OR donate $50 to CYSO. This is our only fundraiser through the year. $50
 Total: $695.00 - $767.00

Financial Aid

The CYSO offers financial aid for qualifying families.  To apply, email Michelle Orman at cysomichelle@gmail.com with the musician's name, musician's orchestra assignment, amount you're requesting, and the reason for financial hardship.  Applications must be received between August 1st and August 31st. 

Payment plans are also available for economically stressed families. To apply, contact Accounts Manager Cedra Kuehn at cysocedra@gmail.com.

Community Support Program

The CYSO depends on parental involvement for its success. We need help with administrative tasks, events, projects, concerts, and fundraising, and we ask that each family volunteer six hours of time during the season. We require an annual $125 deposit per family, which is refunded upon completion of the volunteer hours.  Please carefully read the details of this community support program in our student handbook, which can be downloaded at the bottom of the Rehearsals page.

Permission for Use of Images

The CYSO uses images of students to promote a wide range of programs and activities. For students' safety and privacy, the use of images is strictly controlled. Identification details—students' last names, addresses, phone numbers—are never published.

Please indicate whether or not you give CYSO permission to use your child's photo in the organization's publications, websites, videos, and external media.

  I permit my child's photo(s) to appear in CYSO printed publications
 I permit my child's photo(s) to appear on CYSO websites, videos, and electronic publications
  I permit my child's photo(s) to be used by CYSO in external media
 I DO NOT permit my child's photo(s) to be used