Two ways to donate:

  • Mail check to:
    • CYSO
    • 571 Galapago Street 
    • Denver CO  80204
    • Attn: Development
  • Credit card (use PayPal button below)

Why Donate?  

The CYSO provides top-level music teaching and orchestra membership to Colorado students of varied social and economic backgrounds. No child is denied a valuable musical experience due to financial hardship.

Students gain musical understanding, social and emotional growth, high self-esteem, and a lifelong love of music.

CYSO young violinist

Mile High Strings Outreach Program

With the shortage of public-school music programs, CYSO's Mile High Strings Outreach Program gives many children their first experience playing an instrument, and teaches discipline, creativity, teamwork, respect for achievement, and an appreciation of excellence.

Music is a vital part of the human spirit.  Watching CYSO members grow and develop, we see the experience opening their hearts and expanding their horizons. The CYSO always needs help in funding this important program.

Instrument Donations:

The CYSO provides musical instruments without cost to any members who can't afford them.

We welcome donations of instruments for this much-needed program.

Instrument donations, like monetary gifts, are fully tax-deductible.

Clarinet students and teacher

CYSO Donates Too: Haiti Youth Orchestra  

For the past several years the Colorado Symphony has collected used instruments, strings, reeds, and other accessories for donation to the Haiti Youth Orchestra, an organization with severe financial constraints.

This year the CYSO donated 17 instruments, 30 boxes of reeds, and a diverse collection of other supplies.

Thank-you card from Haili Youth Orchestra member Zach Harris

The Alyssa Norris Phillips Memorial Scholarship Fund

Alyssa Norris Phillips

A Colorado native, Alyssa Norris Phillips graduated from Rangeview High School and went on to the University of Puget Sound and the University of Washington.  She later worked with the Seattle Symphony, the Bozeman Symphony, the Chicago Symphony, and the Seattle Mayor's Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs. She saw humor in everyday things and would often wonder if others found life as funny as she did—it rained on her wedding day, but she wouldn't have changed a thing.

Alyssa loved the drama and excitement of working in a concert hall. A cellist from an early age, she was passionate about the arts. Like her mom, she loved telling stories. Steely Dan was a favorite of hers because the band reminded her of her dad. She loved her younger brother and adored being an aunt. She treated her dogs like children.

We will miss her beautiful smile, infectious laugh, and witty sense of humor. Through your donations to the CYSO, Alyssa will continue to support the arts in Denver.




Donations to the Alyssa Norris Phillips Memorial Scholarship Fund help provide CYSO memberships for musicians otherwise unable to pay. Please write "Phillips Fund" on your check or use the PayPal button above.